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How to do a traceroute

The traceroute command will identify each stop that packets take on the way from your computer to another website or server. It can be useful to determine if a network issue is causing web slowness problems for you.

Mac OS
  1. Open up the Terminal (aka Command Line.) Open up Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal.
  2. Type "traceroute www.example.com"
  3. Read the results of the traceroute.
  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run. From here a box will open.
  3. Type in the box "cmd" without quotes.
  4. Now the command prompt will open. Here you can type various commands to do different things.
  5. Now that the command prompt is open, type in "tracert www.example.com" without quotes and replace www.example.com with the site/server you want to trace to. You will see each 'HOP' along the path to the site/server. On each line there will be three durations (in milliseconds) to each hop along with the domain name of that device and it's IP address.
  1. If you run Linux, install open your favorite terminal (RXVT, gnome-terminal, kterm)
  2. Type "traceroute www.example.com"

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