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500 Error
If your site occurs a 500 Internal Server Error the most common are php settings in your...
Views: 293
How Do I Change PHP Setting X?
How do I change PHP setting x?Easy: First create a blank text file called php.ini (assuming one...
Views: 277
How do I increase the PHP Memory Limit?
Create a blank text file called php.ini (if one doesn't already exist).Put the following line in...
Views: 285
How do I increase the PHP Upload Limit?
To raise the PHP Upload Limit for your website simply do the following:Create a blank text file...
Views: 237
How do I use PHP5?
PHP5 is now the default on all our servers nothing extra needs to be done to use it.If you come...
Views: 273
Wildcard Subdomain hosting
To do this all you need to do is:1) Login to Cpanel for the domain you need this on then go to...
Views: 270

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