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Adding an FTP account
An FTP account creates a folder on the public_html level of your site that allows external users...
Views: 258
Changing the password on an FTP account
It is a good idea to regularly change your password. You should always change your password if...
Views: 262
Controlling FTP sessions
You can view and terminate FTP sessions using the provided FTP session controls. This is useful...
Views: 228
Deleting an FTP account
Deleting an FTP account is as simple as creating as creating the account. Deleting the account...
Views: 254
Downloading FTP access logs
Downloading an FTP log is useful for monitoring exactly what FTP actions have occurred on your...
Views: 224
How do I use FTP?
The FTP area deals with all the tools relating to setting up and managing FTP accounts, as well...
Views: 255

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