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How do I change file or folder permissions?
All files on UNIX (including Linux and other UNIX variants) machines have access permissions....
Views: 202
How do I Create a new folder?
Folders are a very useful way of adding organization and structure to your web site. They make...
Views: 201
How do I delete a file or folder?
cPanel includes a Trash folder, which operates the same way as the Windows Recycle Bin. All...
Views: 199
How do I edit a file?
Editing a pre-existing file through File Manager allows you to make immediate changes to your...
Views: 228
How do I Empty the Trash?
Warning: Make sure you do not need any of the files or folders in the Trash before you empty it,...
Views: 229
How do I rename a file or folder?
You can quickly rename a file or folder if you originally labelled a file or folder with the...
Views: 199
How do I restore an item from the Trash?
You can easily restore a deleted file from the Trash by moving it from the Trash to another...
Views: 202
How do I Upload files in File Manager ?
You can use File Manager to upload files to your web site, up to 12 files in one go. Although...
Views: 229
How do I use the File Manager?
A full guide can be found at http://www.cpanel.net/docs/cp/fileManager.htm The File Manager...
Views: 330
What is the File Manager ?
The File Manager allows you to manage your site through HTML, rather than an FTP tool or other...
Views: 324

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